Mugwort Protection Spell


As I was laying next to my Dog in bed, I realised I should have added one more to the last post. 

I have been blessed with having Four Rescue dogs and Three Stray cats. If I don’t mention my one and only Female alone, I’m pretty sure she would be mad at me if she could read. 

I’m sure that anyone who has a pet companion, will know how expressive and communicative they are. My Female dog, I would say, is the most aggressive. She will not let anyone talk to me, let alone look at me without barking over both our voices. Once she warms up to you, after sniffing you of course, she will make sure the insides of your nostrils are clean. A habit that is both disgusting and endearing. 

Does everyone feel the same way? Unfortunately not. Do people have sick fixations they need to let out on those who let them? Yes. Are there ways to protect your Felines and Puppies from malevolent Magic and people? YES!


Mugwort Protection Spell:


Mugwort is a strong protection and truth absorbing plant. In Europe, Mugwort most often refers to the species Artemisia Vulgaris.


  • Three Sprigs of Mugwort
  • Voice
  • Empty Picture Frame


  1. Place your Mugwort on a surface area you usually conduct tasks that bring you great satisfaction, not just your altar.
  2. Hold both hands above the Sprig and repeat the following: “Malevolent Beings, Be Led Astray, Forget Your Lane, Be Gone From My Way”
  3. Open your empty frame and place the Mugworts inside, close and hang on your Entrance. Repeat as often as needed.

Blessed Be




For Animals And Nature ✥

Fantasy ("Dragons, Faries etc....") 2

A Witch’s first sacred rule is to be one with Nature and Nature’s Animals. I know most Witches cannot stand or tolerate animals being hurt or mistreated by others. How can we understand what Earth’s herbs, fruits and berries can do for us; if we don’t find Nature sacred first? 

I must say, I do respect that in a Witch. Having absolute faith in the holiness on Earth, not just above. How us being here can also be comforting and how it ties to Angelic Realms (You are free to imagine Golden Gates and a Pearly White staircase here).

I think it is no secret that I love animals (I said this to my mother and she said it is a secret, kind of offended, so I’ll think I’ll state that here). When you truly connect with an animal and can feel their energy, it might come as a shock to some how calming their energies are. 


I went to a seminar a couple of years ago and met a lovely English woman there, who currently resides in Bahrain as a Psychic and Energy Healer. She hosts very insightful events and meditation groups ~ I had the pleasure of joining one evening. We spoke about the energies in Bahrain and how it feels like a strong wave is growing here (I say wave because she recalled a story where one of her clients had just gotten in from New Zealand and could not stand the Energies in Bahrain. She felt extremely depressed and took the next flight back).

Why that happened? I am not exactly sure. It could be because Bahrain has a strong magical History, tying Gilgamesh, The Flower and Tree of Life to this area. I took to the internet to find more answers and found this fascinating article from The New York Times from 1984:

The land of Dilmun is holy, the land of Dilmun is pure. In Dilmun no cry the raven utters, Nor does the bird of ill-omen foretell calamity. The lion kills not, nor does the ravening wolf Snatch away the defenseless lamb.

Unknown is the wild dog who tears the kid. The dove does not conceal its head. No one here says, ”My eyes are sick,” No one here says, ”My head is sick,” No one here says, ”I am an old woman,” No one here says, ”I am an old man.” The maiden walks here in innocence. No lustrations need to be poured. The somber death priest walks not here, By Dilmun’s walls he has no cause for lamentations. 


These words come from one of the world’s oldest poems. It was first written down some 4,000 years ago in the ancient Sumerian city of Nippur near the Euphrates, using cuneiform wedge script on a clay tablet. 

The poem tells about the doings of the gods at the dawn of time in a sacred island paradise called Dilmun, a place closely resembling the Garden of Eden, where death and sickness did not exist and sweet waters flowed.

Holy Dilmun is mentioned in many other cuneiform writings of that period. The epic hero Gilgamesh goes there to obtain the secret of eternal life from Ziusudra, who alone among mankind survived the Great Flood after building an ark on instructions from Enki, Lord of the Abyss and Ruler of the Sweet Waters Under the Earth. 

Gilgamesh dives into the sea with stones attached to his feet and brings up the ”Flower of Immortality.” In a clear parallel with the biblical story of Adam and Eve, he allows a serpent to eat the flower, cheating mankind of its benefits. 

Other ancient records show that 4,000 years ago Dilmun was also a great trading center and the capital of an empire. Yet until 1857 when Sir Henry Rawlinson, a British scholar, discovered how to read cuneiform and the first references to this ancient island paradise were deciphered, the name of Dilmun had vanished from the collective memory of mankind.

And the collective memory of mankind remerged and churned out another name – The Kingdom of Bahrain.


With Nature’s elements being the key to this post (and story), I decided to place Two Spells Here: Connecting With Your Animal and Helping Nature Grow.

Connecting With Your Animal


  1. Rosemary Essential Oil
  2. Goddess Diana
  3. Pictures or ornaments that remind you of your Animal. This will strengthen your spell.
  4. One Light Blue Candle2
  5. One Purple Candle3
  6. Cooking Pot


Goddess Diana (meaning “heavenly” or “divine”) was the Goddess of the Hunt and Moon. She adored wild animals and frolicking in The Woods. She had The Power to talk to and control animals. She was equated with the Greek goddess Artemis, who equally loved animals and was known for having a Sacred Deer as her Animal Totem. 


Light Blue is a very calming colour and reminds me of a new born baby, boy. We always see hues of pastel colours in delivery rooms and there is a strong reason for that; pastels are calming and nurturing. 


Purple is the colour of our Crown Chakra. Using colours that correlate to our Chakra helps with strength.


  1. Bring your cooking pot to a low boil and add one drop of Rosemary. Most animals are not accustomed to drinking Essential Oils, so add one drop the first time you try this spell and add more accordingly.
  2. Bring the heat all the way down, let your water cool and pour water into your animal’s drinking bowl.  
  3. Take the bowl to your altar. If you do not have an altar or area of practice, a nice comfortable spot somewhere in your home will do.
  4. Place your pet’s ornaments around the bowl.
  5. Place one of the candles on the left and one on the right. Light them.
  6. Place your hands above your bowl and repeat the following: “Diana Goddess of Hunt and Home, Make Me Hear What is Unknown. My Animals Bring Me Peace and Hone, Let Their Thoughts Show Through Their Face”.

819c14e58fcf0014a6bafdcaa584ee7aHelp Nature Grow819c14e58fcf0014a6bafdcaa584ee7a


  1. A Small Square of Natural Fabric (Muslin or Hessian Fabric will do)
  2. Hemp Oil
  3. Blue Berry Leaves


  1. Find a nice comfortable spot next to the plant you would like to help grow. I tried this with my Lime Tree and it worked just fine. I planted it last year and it is already half the size of my Palm Tree. Don’t be surprised if the fruit tastes more sour 😀
  2. Drop a few drops of Hemp Oil on to the cloth and repeat the following three times: “Help Me Nature Find A Spot, By This Tree And By This Rock. When One Week Passes And Before The Third Make This Plant Grow More And More”.
  3. Place the Blue Berry Leaves in middle of the fabric and roll the fabric from the top to the bottom, forming a scroll. If leaves fall to the ground leave it, it was meant to be.
  4. Put the rolled fabric in soil and enjoy.

Good Luck and Blessed Be



Twin Flames

Somewhere I Belong....

You don’t have to ask me before using pictures with my face on them, just link it back here please.


More specifically Twin Flame love.

A fairytale kind of Love we only see in Fantasy Movies, Romantic Comedies and Romance Novels – not to mistake this with unachievable Love for this dimension (let’s say realm so we can fit within the context of this post). 

Before I get ahead of myself and go off on a tangent.. Let us set the scene, shall we?

There tends to be a lot of confusion about what a “twin flame” relationship really is. Unlike “soul mates,” which are our perfect matches (or our spiritual family) twin flames are our perfect mirrors. Relationships with twin flames tend to be on-again-off-again, intensely passionate, and sometimes intensely painful. Twin flames help us awaken like nobody else, and they ultimately serve to show us who we really are.

Click this to take you to The Original source of this Paragraph.


I would first like to inform you all, that all of the above is true. Twin Flame relationships can get toxic or on and off again – BUT – a Twin Flame is someone who you find when you have Ascended, not in any other phase in your soul evolution. The intense painful feeling will not and cannot occur if you have found someone who mirrors your soul. This is soul binding. Angelic and Ethereal. The reason why these fiery bonds are called Twin Flame Bonds, is because they have found each other’s souls on many planes, in many past life-times. Finding each other when you Ascend is called a Twin Flame Bond.


A Soul Mate is someone who you have also been with many life times ago – BUT – this can manifest as a family member, relative or friend; not just Romantic Bonds. Do not mistake  this with striving for a Twin. Do not think that just because your soul is not yet ready for a Twin Flame, that Soul Mates come second best. Not ready is not usually a word we want to hear and that is fine. That is because people have put so much emphasis on Twin Flames and have completely neglected every Chakra and emotion that goes with it. We get what we need, want and crave. Meeting your SOUL means meeting someone who reminds you of everything you have ever been through and ties you to your Ascended life – the very reason you came here in the first place. 

If you feel like you have reached that phase in your soul evolution, your Twin Flame will come. 

I know. Patience is a word that is hard to swallow. 

But it is key to understand, that timing is everything. Meeting someone before you’re ready doesn’t always mean heartache. You can push someone away because of fear of feeling more, past let-downs and them not fitting in with your daily life (Trust me, it happens. Doesn’t sound so nice to say out loud, but it does).


Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame:

  1. You have dreams about them. Dreams you know in your heart are about someone who you need to be with.
  2. You meet them and know you have shared other lives with them, especially when meeting face-to-face. Flashbacks come back to you and you see each other in them.
  3. It feels too good to be true, like something you Dreamed out of your perfect Novel.
  4. You can feel their energy when you think of them. There is some sort of Psychic Bond here. You do not need to be an Empath for this to happen. 
  5. You feel like you can completely be yourself, flaws and all. 
  6. There is no drama. Just passion. No screaming phone calls, public or private fights or name-calling. There is however an overabundance of passion for one another and the need to understand each other – fully. 
  7. You know they will push you to be a better person, not just for your good, but for the Highest Good of All.

Twin Flames can be a very rewarding and life-expanding experience. But please remember, just because you haven’t met him/her yet, it doesn’t mean you should feel incomplete. Most of my discussions with people and friends alike, come with the worry of feeling empty. That won’t happen if you focus on being the most positive version of yourself, you can think of.

Good Luck and Blessed Be


Twin Flames interrupted

Spirit Summoning Spells

undead glamour   ♥ elizamio

We all know what grieving looks like. Loss, hope, despair. Losing someone who you thought you would never lose, someone who you would think could die, but not anytime soon. We also know everyone dies – eventually. 

Eventually is a far away land in your mind’s eye. Somewhere you know in your heart exists but feels too dark to accept. That is the reality of what a lot of people fear. Fear that there is no hope. That as much as you cling on to everything good this life has to offer – What if? That is normal. Being a person who seeks justified answers to questions no one has answered – is normal too. 

Excuse me for sounding like an old soothsayer. I created a spell before writing this down and it is making me sound like something I am laughing about – as we speak. I’ll spare you the details of how I took five hours to write this because I could not stop laughing. 

I decided after countless comments that I had to, needed to and wanted to create; Two Spells that would help you contact one person from the hereafter. One per spell.

Now, remember, please, as always, this is used to communicate with a LOVED one only. 

Never try contacting a spirit before using sage to smudge the entire area. Do not take risks for the sake of fun and proving a point.

Let us get started – Shall we?

Pepper Me This 💀


  • White Candles {White is always used for purification. In this case hope would be lovely, too. Harnessing the energy of hope to magnify your intention.}
  • Night Time {As to not be in doubt when seeing anything and chalking it up to lights}
  • Aloe
  • Pepper {Please do not get this in your eyes. It burns.}
  • Rice {Rice absorbs electromagnetic fields and is used in many traditional weddings, to bring prosperity, fertility and good fortune.}




The notion of darkness scares a lot of people. I beg to differ. Darkness is a natural and normal phase of Mother Earth. You cannot have Light without Darkness. You cannot have The Sun without The Moon. Darkness shows room for different kinds of ceremonies and spells, especially contacting the dead. The fear of not being able to see anything and the fear of unknown is normal. If anything, it is needed in order to grow.


  1. Place your candles in a circle around you. Light them coun·ter·clock·wise:
    in the opposite direction to the way in which the hands of a clock move around.
  2. Proceed by placing the Rice in the same direction in which you lit the candles.
  3. Sprinkle some pepper on the exact spot you would like your loved one to appear. This is not a must but it helps with feelings of agitation. It harnesses your focus to that exact spot.
  4. Rub some Aloe on your hands it protect your energy from escaping.
  5. Wait.

When the spell has been completed, blow your candles out and throw away the rice you used. You would not want to eat it because it contains a lot of energy.

You can use this spell as often as you would like but be sure never to try this if you are low on energy, tired or have done this back to back. Accepting loss and seeing the value in both life and death is key to performing something like this. If you are going to use this as a means to escape reality, this will not work. 

This a spell I received from a very interesting Email I enjoyed. I promised him I would post it here and share it with all of you ❤

New Beginnings 💀


A White Candle
2-4 Inch String
6 Inch Square Green Fabric
A Key
Iris or Orris Root
Dried Chamomile Or Daisy
A White Ribbon


Write your name on the candle while saying: 

“Fresh and clean, with flame so pure,
My old life is now obscure” 

Visualise in vivid detail what you expect from your new life and see new opportunities unfolding. 

Cut the string in half, letting the pieces fall to the ground. Place them on the cloth while saying: 

“Remove my boundaries, Isis.
Liberate me, Libertas” 

Place the key on the cloth while saying: 

Janus, please unlock your doors,
A new beginning, I implore” 

Place the Iris or Orris in the cloth and say: 

Isis, help me cross the bridge.
Janus, give me what I wish” 

Place the daisy or chamomile in the cloth and say: 

Freya, make all fresh and new.
Do now what I ask of you” 

Gather the edges of the cloth together and tie them with the ribbon to form a pouch. 

As you knot the ribbon say: 

“A brand new life, I start today.
I seal my old life out – away.
I now embrace what come to me.
In growth and opportunity” 

Let the candle burn down, then carry the pouch on your person or in your purse or pocket for as long as you feel you need it.

And there you have it…

I recommend doing the New Beginning Spell before Pepper Me This, but that is just me. I like the sound of a bright beginning before doing something darker.

To Whomever This May Concern,

I hope this brightened your day as much as it did mine,

There once was a woman whose travels had taken her far, far away from home, across the years and the many miles. One day, she was tired and despondent, worn out and weary from her travels and her works, in a small lodging in a strange city. As she went to shut her window, a scent caught her attention – someone was baking a cake. Instantly she felt hurtled back to being a small child and helping her mother in the kitchen. She closed the window softly, turned around and looked at her little cooker in the corner of her room. She decided there and then to not just eat a piece of bread and cheese again, but on this night, to cook a meal for herself, to make herself at home.

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Blessed Be


Ruler of Olympus

Masculine and Feminine

I noticed a lack of Masculine on My Blog. I filled it with versions upon versions of different Goddesses and Gods but only posted about the Feminine.

I like a world where Masculine cannot Exist without Feminine. We have both within us all. Masculine is willpower, high-paced energy, getting passionately angry, Light, Candle Magic and The Sun. Feminine is water-filled emotions, Rose Quartz crystals, going to the spa, Love & Lust Magic and The Moon.


I included a lightning bolt for Zeus, since that is what he was also famous for other than…

Zeus, Ruler of Olympus was the supreme ruler of Mt. Olympus. Zeus was in charge of justice, morals and law. His word was to be obeyed by both men and gods alike. Today, many Witches continue to honor Zeus and the other gods of Ancient Greece. Representing a belief in viewing The Almighty as both Feminine and Masculine.


A Nice Ritual To Meditate On For Abundance in Rainstorms is Calling for Zeus’ help To Fix Broken Items and Heal Domestic Issues. After All, He Was In Charge of Justice For Many Years When He Walked The Earth.

Have Fun and Blessed Be…


Ramblings of An Insane Child


 My reading, above.

I was just going to go to bed, before I felt a nudge on the top of my head (more like a light stroke). I knew I had to draw Three Cards from my Rider Waite tarot deck. I shuffled the cards and cleared them first, then shuffled again with my intention in mind: “What should I say on the blog?”. I knew my Angelic Guides were showing me to post again. Apart from hearing their many voices, voices I have never heard in my life, might I add – I get slight energetic nudges either on my head or shoulders. I soon realised why; any other spot would freak me out, as I am not accustomed to hearing stories of people being nudged otherwise.

The card that stood out to me the most was the last card, the Nine of Wands. As I was looking at it to get a closer view (I should first pause this post to state that other than hearing voices I see the imagery move and can see flashes of many orbs with the naked eye) a lot of old emotions came crashing down. I remember constantly being told by my peers and people who surrounded me, that what I was into was hogwash and Black Magic. I know what you’re all thinking; How can orbs be black magic? What Demon would communicate with someone through bright lights and slight nudges? My sentiments growing up, exactly. I was constantly told I am not pious enough or covered enough to ever receive Angelic words, let alone hear them. Who am to receive messages from Angels? Clearly to them I didn’t do enough good, see enough misery and putridness or wasn’t a good enough person. Well, that is where this blog comes in. I finally know who I am. A witch. A witch of duality. A witch of strength. A witch of truth.


“When you are hanging in there, persevering under pressure and holding on despite the forces pulling at the other end of your rope, expect the Nine of Wands to appear in your Tarot reading. This card is either a welcome sign that you are truly holding your own in a long-term project or that you are needlessly hanging on to a point of view that is past its time.”

The paragraph above was pasted from


That is me. Hanging on by a thread to my negativity. Repeating all the words people have ever said to me and using that as a mechanism to avoid going any further. Repeating all the times I have used my good and sound judgment to say “I don’t think that is what she meant” or “Maybe she said that or looked at me funny because she was tired” to justify putting the truth in a cupboard and shutting it closed.

I can’t deny myself the freedom to accept the truth anymore. I am not ordinary. I should not pretend to be, when I have gifts to rely on. Voices I hear and see vividly in my dream, dreams I wake up from dazed and confused because I think I am still in them.

The Last Thirteen words from KEEN’s website left an impact. I am no longer going to hold on to a point of view that is past time. A point of view that will either have me on one side or another, overtly angry or passive for the sake of fun.

Then the other two cards spoke to me after the last. The Ace of Swords finally spoke to me. I noticed the hand moving and gripping the sword tightly, showing me how I can once and for all get the mental clarity I deserve.

Then finally, the last. The Knight of Pentacles telling me this is my job. This is where I will find material gains not only for me, but the highest good of all.


Wow. I don’t think I have ever been so honest in my life, with myself too. I would love to hear your stories – good or bad, if you would be so kind to share.

Blessed Be



Celtic Witch Spell

Past Life Inspiration

I found this lovely spell on my new favourite website. Click on the Garden Witch Protection Spell to take you to the original source.

Garden Witch Protection Spell

This Saturday witchery is designed to stop bad feelings and harsh words between two friends. It’s tough when a person that you consider your friend turns against you for whatever reason. Perhaps you quarreled or you have simply grown apart. In these situations, however, now that the feud is on, your defenses are low. Emotions can be raw, and feelings may be hurt very easily on both sides. Why? Probably because you know each other well enough to know exactly which buttons to push. If you feel that you’ve hit your limit on what you can handle, then try this protection spell designed to end the fight and let the both of you heal and move forward in a positive way.

Gather the following supplies:
• A single stem of blooming snapdragons
• A few dark purple pansies-a bloom or two will suffice
• A black satin ribbon
• A 6 x 6-inch square of cotton or silk dark purple or black fabric (it’s best if the fabric is natural)

Take a few of the snapdragon blooms and a pansy flower, and place them in the center of the cloth square. Repeat the spell below three times, and on the final saying, gather up the sides of the bag and tie it closed with the black ribbon.

Snapdragons, snap back at hostility
End the quarrel between my friend and me
The bewitching colors of purple and black
Remove hurt and keep negativity back
Pansies are a sure cure for the brokenhearted
Let us both move on and our relief get started!

Knot the bag three times. Close the spell by saying:

For the good of all, with harm to none
By Saturn’s energies, this spell is done.

You may keep the charm bag on your person for as long as you need to. Allow yourself self some time to mend. It won’t be instantaneous, but you can reinforce this spell every Saturday as needed. Perform in a waning moon phase to push away the hurt and in a waxing moon phase to pull healing toward yourself.

When you feel that you don’t need the herbal charm bag anymore, open it up and give the floral components back to nature. You now have two options with the fabric square and the ribbon. You may wash them by hand, allow them to air-dry, and save them for another use. Or you can dispose of them in a garbage can well away from where you live and work.


Book of Witchery Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan